Words from Mamamia 

"Salsa in my cooking experience means making a spicy cooking sauce base for most of our Puerto Rican foods. My grandmother taught me at a very young age how to make this sauce. You might say I was her seu chef. All the ingredients were always natural and very aromatic. They always added such a delicious base to her meats, stews, soups, beans, chili and whatever else she wanted to taste that was fantastic which was the sauce. My grandfather loved hot n spicy food so at times she would make the sauce extra hot n spicy.

Over the years, I have shared this sauce and created other sauces serving many family, friends and members of my community. They have all encouraged me to share it with the world. So from my kitchen to yours I give you a little bit of me and my ancestors with love. Buen provecho!"

- Mamamia 


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